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Thai Massage

Thai massages are based on the flow of energy. Maser releases energetic blocations and lightens the way of energy through the body. Thai massage gets rid of backache as well as stress, allows the maximal relaxation.

Foot reflex massage

In the human body are more than 70.000 nerve terminals in the foot. These nerve terminals connect to internal and external organs throughout the body through energy channels.  Foot reflex massage stimulates the nerve endings to produce general healing effect. In particular it has a positive effect on the blood circulatory and lymphatic systems, the immune system and regulates the functioning of the endocrine glands. This massage also has relaxing and pain-alleviation effects particularly effective for back pain, headaches and also can help in cases of anxiety, insomnia and disorders of the digestive system.

Hot Chocolate Massage

Hot chocolate massage – gentle relaxation massage which warms up your body while cocoa bean oil nourishes and softens up your skin, creating it velvety soft. Intense scent of chocolate induces the production of endorphins in the body. These “Happiness Molecules”, stimulate the senses, release tension and produce well being. Hot chocolate massage warms up your body as well as your mind.

Hot Stone Massage

This massage originates in tribal rituals of American Indians, who used cold and hot stones to supress the tension in body. For this massage technique special hot stones which accumulate heat are used. At the same time these stones have extraordinary strong energetic vibration. The hot stone massage has so high therapeutical and relaxing effect.

Ba Guan Aroma Symphony

The whole body massage is a variation to the cupping glass massage. Instead of cupping glass bulbs made of gum are used. Gum bulbs create soft suction pressure – that is why this massage doesn´t cause big bruises known from the cupping. This massage is based on the aroma oils AROMA SYMPHONY – especially rose and jasmine, which are intended for soul stimulating. But you can choose a scent according to your wishes and preferences in order to get the right mood.

Bambus Massage

The bamboo massage is an exclusive technique, by which the bamboo poles and original bamboo oil are used. For every body part is used a special pole, in order to gain the maximal pressure. The bamboo oil regenerates, heals und nourishes the skin. Bamboo massage loosens energetic blocations in body, stimulates the blood circulation and the lymphatic system, reduces the muscle tension and releases the spine pain.

Detoxification Honey Massage

Thanks to unique gluey features of honey in combination with special massage techniques (pumping and leaching) toxicants as well as redundant salts are getting out of the depth of the skin. In the used honey toxicants are easily recognizable. Detoxifying honey massage affects positively the whole range of civilisation diseases - e.g. allergies, disorders of digestive system, headache, fungus caused diseases, etc. Attention - after this treatment it is not allowed to use soap or any other cosmetics products!

Cosmetic Treatment with Cosmetics Alcina

In beauty salon in hotel Cristal Palace you can relax by choosing the basic complexion treatment. For the treatment German cosmetics Alcina is used. Except for the basic treatment you can also choose the collagen-lifting treatment, eventually also micromassage of eye area or the eyebrows correction. If you really want to pamper yourself, the chocolate face mask is the right treatment for you. All the treatments are also suitable for men!

Ceremony of Gold

Gold renews and revitalises. Paracelsus already appreciated its healing powers. The golden shimmer protects against damage from the environment – the skin's immune system is strengthened and its resistance increased. Sciencist have proved that many bodily functions are influenced by the flow of electrons. The so-called colloidal gold has a positive balancing effect on this flow of electrons. Thanks to this, our life energy is stimulated. During this treatment gold is split up into smallest particles for cosmetic use. The small and soft molecules of leaf gold are easily absorbed by the body. Through its energetic charge and being split into microscopically small parts, the particles surface is enlarged and the effect increased.
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