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The Golf Resort Karlovy Vary Inc. was founded in 1996 as a joint effort by leading local companies with the objective of providing sports and leisure activities focused around golf. After the approval of the competitively selected business plan submitted by the Golf Resort Karlovy Vary Inc. to the City, long-term agreements were negotiated for the lease of the City – owned land on which the golf course sits. Since that time, the corporation has been the investor and manager and since 2004 the owner of the complex.

The course underwent a rapid renovation, which included the building of a new clubhouse, an irrigation system, and new tees. New parking places were added and upgrades were made to the grass surfaces, the drainage system and the watercourses. All mechanical and technical equipment was also brought up to date. By undergoing this massive rebuilding, the Karlovy Vary golf course was able to become one of the more prestigious European golf establishments.


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